Skye Lynne is 18 and a Freak


What can you say about a girl who is 18 and has already joined the mile high club? That’s why her friends call this horny teen her Skye High, not Skye lynne! She’s a naughty girl who loves it all and loves sex!

“Who’s to say? [Laughs] I went to a really conservative Catholic high school, so some people might think I’m rebelling against that upbringing, but I’ve always thought of myself as independent and wanting to explore all that life has to offer. I lost my virginity in front of a crowd of other kids while they had a running commentary. It was hot being watched, and even hotter because I knew I was doing something that nobody else in my clique had done. I love being the first to do something. That’s why I’ve got more sex skills than the average 18-year-old. I’m a master deep-throater, I love getting fucked and I’m multi-orgasmic.”

Gotta love it, she claims to have had 150 orgasms in a single day, this girl could be a teen party looking for a place to happen.

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