Month: September 2010

Savannah Shows Off Her Sexy Shaved Snatch

Sexy Savannah is a 19 year old cutie I found over at Spunky Angels, looking absolutely sexy as hell showing off her tiny tits and smooth teen twat. This girl isn’t just hairless, she is smooth and almost polished. What a nice pussy. She is sort of shy to start out, she gives us that little shy smile, but she is really proud of her sexy natural body and in the end, lets us get some really good looks at her teen pussy. Damn nice too, she even rolls over doggy style with a smile and lets us inspect her from behind, brushing her hands over her hairless hole and really giving us a thrill. This is one perfectly tasty looking hairless pussy, ready for the eating!

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Spicy Jynx Maze Fucking Outdoors

Oh god, I am in love! Jynx Maze is possibly one of the hottest newcomers I have seen in a while, combining great looks with a killer body, and a great naughty attitude. This hot teen latina girl just loves to fuck! Check out that curvy latina ass too, she has got back and her back even has a little back too. The good news is that ass isn’t just for showing, she loves getting her butt played with too. Jmac meets up with her for lunch outdoors at some place by the water, and she isn’t shy to get her firm titties out and drive him nutty, stroking his cock under the sun. They get in the car to go to his place, and she teases him some more showing off her sexy shaved pussy and then giving him serious head while he tries to drive. Back at his place, they get out by the pool for some intense fucking, this girl is a ride and a half, and takes all of Jmac’s big cock and wants more. He finally fucks her doggy style, fingering her ass and making her go wild before dumping a load on her sweet cheeks. This girl is fun, hot, and naughty!

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Teen Maud Enjoys Showing Her Pink Pussy

If you like your teen pussy fresh and almost completely untouched, then you will love cutie Maud. I found her at Club Seventeen, and she is entirely newbie girl next door barely legal never got naked before fresh, from the cute smile to the naturalness of her overall look, she is just so fresh she almost squeaks. She has a tight little body too, with nice tiny tits and a lean overall look. She is smiling and giggling as she shows off her tiny tits for the first time, and then she tease us for a while in her panties, sliding them down but keeping her hand over the prize. Finally she gives in with a smile, and opens her legs and spreads her tight pink pussy open. She’s so tight, she is almost virginal! She gets into it, and when the photographer offers her a nice big vibe to play with, she cranks it up to 11 and goes for it on her clit, cumming like crazy. The cameras are forgotten as this sweet teen cums for the first time on camera. Nice stuff, and a great piece of teen pussy!

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Sexy Bailey Knox

It isn’t hard to see why everyone has really been digging sexy Bailey Knox. This girl originally was part of the group site Party All Star, but she turned so many heads and got so much attention (and was voted their first girl of the month) that she decides to open her own site. Bailey is one of those all American girls, a real cutie with nice eyes, a sexy body, and damn, this girl knows how to tease. For the moment, her website is a barely non-nude site, plenty of teasing, half a nipple, etc, and I have a feeling it won’t be long before we are seeing this girl fully nude and more, because she is sexy as hell and very sexual too!

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Exchange Student Hannah is Cumming to America

Hannah Shaw is a new exchange student get settled into her new digs in the US for the new school semester. This british teen is happy to be in America, and she is hoping that Voodoo can take her out clubbing and show her a good time. She offers him a trade, giving him a good time for giving her a good time. Well, Voodoo is a little surprised by how forward this girl is, but hey, British girls know what they want and they go get it. Hannah wastes no time fishing out Voodoo’s huge cock and getting to work on it, and this is where we find out that Hannah loves her sex hard and naughy. She isn’t just sucking Voodoo off, she is encouraging him to fuck her face. This girl is wild! The sex is intense, she loves it hard, she likes to get spanked, and she takes an intensely hard pounding and wants more. Voodoo unleashes a huge cumload that absolutely covers her face and drips down onto her tiny tits. An exceptional hot Pure18 fuck!

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Sandy Summers Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform

Sexy Sandy Summers is pretty much a boner inducing hotty no matter what she wears. This Brazilian amateur model babe has got as rocking body and an innocent smile, a truly naughty combination. She loves to dress up and play too, and as you can see, she knows exactly how to be a completely naughty schoolgirl. Now this is the sort of uniform more girls should wear, except perhaps that there would be more traffic accidents. I love how Sandy Summers looks innocent, yet her boobs are out and she is looking so hot and ready for action. She doesn’t disappoint us either, taking out a new glass dildo and giving herself great pleasure, without taking off her uniform or panties, just pushing them aside and going for it. Damn hot!

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FTV Girls Victoria


This sassy & gorgeous blonde is spotted walking at a busy mall, wearing a cute blue dress & doing some shopping.  Soon enough she’s flashing her breasts, and giving us upskirt shots!  We follow her back to her place, and watch her play with herself in the kitchen.  She then fingers herself hard and deep, and gives us extreme closeups of her private parts.  She’s pulling & stretching her labia, and spreading wide, for us to see deep… She then pulls out her white vibrator, and masturbates to an orgasm.  Taking all her clothes off, she shows off her naked form and washes her feet.  A little foot fetish later, its more about that firm butt of hers, and how she plays with it.  She ends up fingering herself on the bed, and pushing two fingers in anally…  Putting on a white bikini, she goes teases some guys at the apartment complex pool, getting even friskier by playing with herself right there!  Ending up with another orgasm, she is quite satisfied.  Later, at the FTV house, she puts on a very sexy dress & heels, and tries riding the glass FTV Toy.  Its a little too big for her, but we get some nice closeups of the penetration.  Pushing her limits, she takes a very long vibrator and sees how deep she can go with it, then takes it a step further and double penetrates herself with two vibrators, going anally deep as well!  Then to finish herself off, she tries out the Vibraking toy, and ends up with two strong orgasms, and some unique (& noisy!) vaginal contractions.  Victoria is a truly sexy doll whom we’d all wish we could have…

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FTV Girls Madeline


One of the cutest girls you’ve ever seen, she’s visiting from Tennessee, and truly is that Southern Belle you’ve always dreamed of.  Meeting her at a resort mall, we take her out to lunch, and realize she isn’t wearing any panties!  Peeking up her skirt in this public place, she then gives us a tour of the resort she is staying at.  More frisky, more explicit as it goes, she then undresses for us and tries on some lingerie.  She ends up masturbating on the dresser table with her fingers… twice!  We discover how much she loves to masturbate, so she does it again on the resorts’ recreation area all while employees are at work!  Notice the orgasmic contractions… More upskirt and flashing, and playing in water fountains, chasing geese, all in the cutest yellow dress & pink heels.  From a conservative background she’s never tried toys before, and experiences her first strong orgasm with a clitoral vibrator!  Then she tries the rabbit toy, for another, stronger orgasm!  We get some extreme closeups of her private parts, stretching and playing with her labia… then attempting to fist!  She gets all her fingers in!  Then she gets a hard breast and butt massage from her boyfriend, and a little foot fetish too.  She has one of the nicest ‘booty’ you’ve ever seen.  Later in the day, she’s wearing a sexy black dress & heels, flashing some more at this resort, and finding a rather exposed area to masturbate again!  Another strong orgasm, right in the open!  Later that night, she discovers the Long Pink Toy, and sees how deep she can go, then has her boyfriend pound her doggy style hard and fast… to one last, strong climax. Enjoy this Total First Time Video Girl, one of the cutest and only on FTV!

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Danielle FTV Bank On This


The masturbation portion of this video was shot by the new photographer in training so be warned…it’s a bit shaky. I’m so tempted to edit out me cursing in this video. I got so frustrated when I couldn’t orgasm that I ended up saying “F@#$” super loud. I know that cursing is pretty typical in porn videos but to be perfectly honest I think it’s kind of tacky. Not that I’m saying I don’t curse…actually I curse more than anybody I know. Though I really try not to curse around little kids and my elders. I guess this goes to show you that I really don’t fake anything. I would much rather get upset for not being able to get off than try to fake an orgasm that would most likely look terrible. I mean to be perfectly honest most faked porn orgasms are just terrible. A lot of the times I’ll be watching the girl fake it and cringe (and yell at the screen about how terrible that was lol.) My perfect masturbation scenario is me lying in a comfy bed with plenty of room in a non public place. Obviously it has to be a perfect temperature (like under 80 degrees) since I really don’t like the heat. There would be no people around either since I tend to get distracted when people are around me. And there wouldn’t be too much noise either. When I am masturbating in my perfect masturbation scenario then I can cum in less than 3 minutes easy, but when new elements like heat or people are added in then it increases the time that it takes me to orgasm if I can at all.

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Newcomer Gigi Rivera Has Microboobs

When I saw Gigi Rivera for the first time, I had to check twice to make sure I was seeing right. I love girls with tiny tits, but holy fuck, this girl doesn’t just have tiny tits, she has incredibly sexy microboobs. We are talking “why bother with a bra at all” boobs. Small, maybe AA cup titties, yet remarkably, they look great and she looks incredibly sexy and innocent at the same time, even as she pulls down her panties. Her smile could light the room up, and her body could light up anything else! She loves to show off her tiny tits too, I think that is great, and she looks so sexy as she lays back in this scene and lets a teacher or coach or something lick out her pussy while she plays with her little tits. Just great and sexy. Plus I saw a picture of her that shows she can do the splits while fucking. Now that is wild!

Check out more of Gigi Rivera at Team Skeet, see her HD video here!

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