Rihanna: Puffy Nipples Teeny!

rihanna has puffy nipples!This is a fairly rare situation here guys, so gather round and feast your eyes on some honest to goodness puffy nipples!

I found Rihanna over at Nubiles. She is a sexy teen with a pretty , natural look, and nice size tiny tits that really look great… but damn, I was surprised when I saw the gallery and saw her nipples! Puffies! I love puffies, and they are darn rare (read more about puffies, click here).

This gallery is hot too, you get to see all of Rihanna’s sexy tiny tits and big puffy nipples, and she really seems proud of them too! She looks rather sexy and she appears to really enjoy showing off for you!

Click here to see her entire gallery…

Click here for another Rihanna gallery.

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Tanned Tiny Tits

kathleen has nice tanned tiny titsI love a girl with an all over tan.

This here is Kathleen, from Just 18. She seems to have dedicated much time and effort to getting that perfect all over tan. Judging by this gallery, I have a feeling that she must spend a bunch of time around the pool totally naked.

Kathleen has one of those perfect natural bodies. She isn’t a skinny little thing, but a full womanly babe with nice natural curves and great looks. Her titny tits are at once perky and quiet, sort of fitting in really nicely with her overall look. There is one pic in the gallery where she has her bikini pushing them up, and you can see there is some meat here, but it is wonderful and perfect size for me. Her nipples get nard and pointy too… nice!

Click here to check out Kathleen.

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Debra has perky nipples

debra has perky nipplesThis is Debra… is she hot or what?

I picked this particular image of Debra, even if the color and brightness isn’t that good, because it best shows off her totally stunning tiny tits and her very, very perky nipples. These nipples just stick right up and yell “SUCK ME!” as loud as can be.

Debra is petite and hot all over! I love her sexy ass and her long legs, she is rather hot, I think… and those nipples! YOWSA! YOWSA!

Click here to check out this gallery.

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Pink Pimpa

pink pimpa tiny tits asianOkay, I know that everything things that all asian girls have tiny tits, and they aren’t wrong. But it is only occassionally that I come across a girl so stunning, with such wonderful tiny tits that I have to share her with you….

Pink Pimpa is an absolutely petite 32-21(!)-32… that’s right, 21! This girl is completely tiny at just over 5 feet tall… a totally amazing spinner girl. Her beautiful tiny tits and dark nipples are stunning in their total perfection of shape and definition… You know they are super small tiny tits, yet she is feminine and sexy… a real wet dream!

Click here to check out her free gallery… Pink Pimpa is very sexy!

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Amateur teen porn girls get tongue and pussy piercings tied up

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Amateur teen porn girls at Real Arizona Amateurs like to fuck and suck each other silly. They’re going to have to remember to be careful not getting their tongue and pussy piercings tied up. Metal can be hazardous to one’s sexual health. If you haven’t seen the members area of this site, you’re missing out big time. Real Arizona Amateurs is highly suggested high quality XXX teen porn.

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Nastyagirl Nice Tits!

nastygirl has nice little titsNastyagirl gives me a woody.

The very first time I saw her in this exact pose, my jeans got a little too tight for me. Oh my god, check out those fucking amazing firm little tits and perky nipples! That sexy blonde hair… that come hither and fuck me senseless look that just fucking makes my eyeballs water!

The most amazing part is that the rest of her is just as good if not better… nice lean body, long legs, and a tight ass… and a rather nicely shaved pussy with landing strip for those who might get lost on their way to that wet teen heaven of a pussy between her legs!

This gallery is really nice because you get to see Nastya’s tiny tits in all their glory. Her twins are firm, ripe, and wondeful little tits, and man, I want to squeeze them! Can I? Please?

Click here and check out her free gallery. Once you finish that, you are going to want to see more of Nastya. So click here for Nastyagirl’s personal website!

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Kylie Teen Teen Pussy

kylie teen

Now this is truly a wet pussy!

Kylie Teen is a sexy girl next door type, not a hard body or anything but totally in tune with herself sexually. This gallery features this teen playign with not one but two vibrators, and one of them spends a fair bit of time in her ass. This girl is off the hook! She doesn’t stop until she has a couple of nice wet orgasms too, and you can just from looking at this pic that Kylie is having a wonderful time… and she is very turned on knowing that you are watching!

Click here and check out the gallery!

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Giselle @ 18 Magazine

giselle has sexy tiny titsI have found a hotty for you guys! Meet Giselle!

I found Giselle’s gallery at a site called 18 Magazine. They have all sorts of sort of 18 year old girls getting naked and showing off. There seems to be a bunch of stuff shot outdoors, and that is pretty nice. The quality of the shooting here is very good.

Giselle is what I consider a perfect super tiny tits girl. She has just barely enough tits to say “she has some” but not very much at all. The tan lines from her bikini really help, and I would have to say she would probably be a real hotty at the beach with her nipples straining against her tiny top.

This gallery is pretty much all teasing, and is a bit like the site.  The girls are very nice, the pics are great, and man, Giselle has got amazing tiny tits… a great combination!

Click here to check out Giselle’s free gallery.

There are more girls over at 18 Magazine – click here to see more.

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Tanya @ Nubiles

tanya has lovely little titsTuesday is always a good day for me, because I get an email from Nubiles telling me about new girls they have added to their site. That’s right, they update every week with fresh new girls, and they make sure I know so I can tell you all about them.

Tanya here is a great example. I just love her little tits, nice big pink nipples and some great little tits that would jsut be fun to play with. Tanya is nice looking, and her shaved pussy is really quite nice too. Nubiles has added a few good photo sets of her and some very sexy video that you will love.

Click here to check out Tanya’s free gallery.

You can click here also to check out some of Tanya’s free videos.

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