FTV Girls Lena And Michaela


Our very first girl girl shoot in HD is here!  The very popular Lena returns, with a good friend of hers, Michaela!  We start at a very fancy resort, but unfortunately early on in the shoot, security stops the girls from going all out naked… returning home they take off all their clothes, and are free to do whatever they want to each other.  What we call a ‘free-flow’ shoot, there is no directing, or time limit on what they do, just let them be themselves and enjoy each other.  They go down on each other, use fingers, then toys, and have mutual orgasms throughout.  At a lunch break, they go out to the parking lot, and suck on each others’ breasts, causing a disturbance!  Then we get extreme… both girls have fisted themselves for their first time, on FTV — so why not try having them fist each other??  Lena pushes her hand into Michaela next to the pool, and gives her a long fisting session, then they continue on the patio furniture, fisting themselves.  Both hotties, but opposites in many ways, they do make a couple with a lot of chemistry!

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