FTV Girls Marta


A gorgeous Latina, with sexy legs and full natural breasts teases us at a busy office area.  She’s wearing a cute dress and heels, but lets her big breasts pop out, takes her panties off and flashes her goods everywhere!  After being forced to leave, she returns home to masturbate; we find out that not only is she multi-orgasmic, she squirts too!  She kept masturbating and didn’t want to stop!  Then we watch her oil up her breasts and give them a nice hard breast massage.  To go more public, she shows off her breasts to employees at a restaurant, then watch them bounce as she runs topless in the parking lot!  Then we introduce her to the rabbit vibrator, which she had never tried before… it makes her orgasm & squirt so many times, we lost count!  She didn’t want to stop, and would even try to continue off camera, so we had to take the toy away from her!  In cute lingerie, we see her private parts up close, spreading & stretching her labia.  As if squirting wasn’t enough, she then pushes four, then five fingers, then her whole fist inside herself!  A pleasant, if not shocking surprise.  And just when you think she had enough, she takes the rabbit toy again, masturbates to even more orgasms and squirts … she might hold the record for most wet orgasms on FTV!

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