FTV Girls Lena


Watching this very sexy & sophisticated looking blonde walk down a historic area of Phoenix… & following her to an arts gallery.  She is quick to flashing her nipples, and catching the owner’s attention, then rubbing herself to some art nudes.  Getting caught, the owner is actually quite helpful, and lets her pose naked upstairs, finding a private spot to masturbate hard with her fingers.  Flashing on the balcony, she gets some attention, then creates more of a stir at a restaurant.  Definitely not shy about public nudity!  Getting aroused in the supercar, she needs to get home and masturbate ASAP!  Rubbing herself hard and fast, she has a very strong, natural orgasm.  Then some cute lingerie and extreme closeups… A week later she returns, in a yellow summer dress, giving us upskirt, and views of her perfect butt, then going completely naked at a golf course, chasing after ducks & geese, then fingering herself in a shaded area.  Some ice cream to cool down, and spreading her legs at the ice cream shop without caring who watches… even angry housewives.  Going home, she videotapes herself masturbating, rubbing hard to once again have another strong natural orgasm!  Later in the day, she puts on a workout outfit, and does stretching exercises, situps, and squats.  She explains how this gets her aroused, and she likes to masturbate after a session.  So she heads to a full length mirror, and masturbates hard, to one last strong orgasm.  She is gorgeous as she is sexy.

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