FTV Girls Christine


From first sight, you notice how gorgeous this teen is.  Beautiful eyes, sensual lips, and that tight slim body with the perfect firm butt.  We watch her walk into a house, strip down and change to a cute bra & panties, then lie out in the sun.  She gets naked, starts rubbing herself, then fingering… and hard, fast rubbing to orgasm.  She is a quiet, shy type, so we interview her to see a little more of her personality.  Later in the day, in some sexy lingerie & heels, she finds a couch, and masturbates again… then giving us deep, wide spreads of her wetness.  She goes to the bathroom, and makes out with the mirror, gives herself a nice breast massage, then a butt massage.  Once more she masturbates, this time with a vibrator, and has a much stronger orgasm (x2?).  As she opens up, we find out that she can dance sexy, and let her do so to some music, completely naked.  Then she shows us her singing talent 🙂

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