FTV Girls Svetlana


She takes a shower, shaves her legs and trims her pubic hair… then gets ready to go out in a sexy short skirt & heels.  Getting peeks of her long, thick nipples, we watch her play with herself at the steps, then do some incredible stretching & kicks demonstrating her flexibility.  No panties of course!  Another surprise comes when she needs more milk for her coffee, and squirts milk from her nipples!  Going home it becomes a lactation fetish fantasy, as she begins squirting all over the glass table, then all over the camera, into her mouth, and over her body!  We watch it happen from all angles, lots of milk dripping everywhere.  She licks some off, then uses a breast pump to milk some more.  Turning herself on, she starts fingering herself, until it becomes a full-on masturbation, that leads her to 4 orgasms!  She then demonstrates her incredible flexibility (she was a Trapeze Artist at the Cirque de Soleil ‘Zumanity’ show)… bending in all impossible forms with grace and beauty.  It leads to another hard finger banging masturbation!  Later that night, she tries on several sexy lingerie for us, leading to a sexy corset & black stockings.  She picks up the rabbit vibrator, and has a long masturbation experience that leads to several more orgasms!  Not completely done yet, we get to do some extreme closeups of her private parts, in every detail, then watch her take her panties, stuff them deep inside her, then pull them out 🙂

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