Indian Teen Asha Kumara

indian teen Asha Kuamra

The amateur world doesn’t start and end in the US or Europe. There are sexy girls all over the world that get off being naked for you. Asha Kumara is great proof of this!

Asha is an 18 year old indian girl, with a fairly traditional indian look, dark skin, and totally captivating dark eyes. When I was posting the pic above, I stopped and just stared into her eyes for a minute, she is quite spellbinding. Asha also has an amazing natural body, with nice title tits, sweet brownish nipples, and a tight ass that just begs out for a squeeze! I can tell you that she is a fairly natural girl under her panties too, so you will find a nice fine cover of soft hair covering her secret pleasure palace. She is still pretty shy, but her innocent sexuality is just intoxicating.

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