Leah FTV Girls


Its one of those rare rainy days in Phoenix, and we see this teen with braces running through the mall trying not to get wet, but catch glimpses of her very perky nipples falling out of her shirt as she tries to dry up on the spot!  Then she goes indoors, strips down, grinds her hips against her hand on the bed, then gets dressed up in some cute tops & panties.  Checking out her nice butt from a hidden angle, we then watch her grind against her private parts with her hand while listening to music, then sitting down in the closet and fingering herself until she has 4 fingers in her!  Getting juicy wet, she heads over to the table where she starts fisting herself to our surprise!  The whole hand slips in deep, then she moves to a vibrator — then rubbing fast she starts squirting all over the place, several times!  Huge gushes squirt into the camera, and all over the table.  She cannot stop, even when she is being photographed after 4 orgasms!  She just loves to masturbate, and it shows.  Her juices have completely soaked the entire table!  After posing for more explicit photos, she talks a little about her sexuality, and then gets changed into a cute pink dress with a short skirt.  Then she pulls out two thick vibrators, and starts stuffing both into her private part!  Then she makes the toys spread her wide open, but that isn’t enough, she then spreads herself with her fingers, and gives us some amazingly massive gaping shots!  Then she takes one toy anally, while sticking the other back in her private part, double penetrating herself hard, pushing the toys as deep as she can.  Getting aroused again, she asks for the FTV Monster toy, and it is as thick as her leg!  To our shock, she takes it in easy, and takes it deep, for a hard ride that at one point, takes 3/4 of the whole toy in!  It only encourages her more, to fist herself again, hard and fast, until she has an incredibly strong orgasm, that needs to be seen!

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